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A little foreword
I think the idea of having a 19" rack at home is every techs dream. This was also the case when I wanted to decomission my power hungry and space consuming server PCs and replace them with 19" servers, but it seems that when ever the frase "19 inch" is added to any PC part the price just skyrockets.
That was the end of my dream until a friend of mine told me he was going to build a new 19" rack for his music equipment as his old rack was getting to small and asked my advice on building some 19" housing for some of his equipment. So we looked into it and discovered it used the same dimensions as the PC racks (Yes its obvious but I just never tought about it) and so began my adventures .in rack building.
Note: Im danish and english is not my main language, so if you find something completely wrong send me a mail and tell me about it.
I also live in Denmark so I might not be able to help people from other countries with places to buy supplies but if you know where to buy rack supplies in your country, let me know and I can pass it along whenever Im asked, thx!
Goals of the project:
  • Low cost
  • Space saving
  • Low power consumption
  • High disk space
  • RAID1 space for important data

Rack V2 @ 80%

For the servers I chose Mini ITX motherboards with their size (170mm x 170mm) and low power consumption they were perfect for this project. I only needed to buy extra controller cards for the extra harddrives everything else was onboard (NIC/GFX).
A little info about 19 inch servers!
A "U" is the measured height of a server case.
1U = 1,75 inches or 44,45 mm.
19 inches or 482,6 mm is the width of the front plate.
17,75 inches or 450,85 mm the space left for the server (the rails take up 0.625 inches or 15.875 mm on each side).