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SATA Server

The size of SATA drives has been getting larger and cheaper lately, so I wanted to look into building a File Server with SATA drives


When looking for a SATA controller I found a HighPoint controller that supports 16 SATA drives, it fullfilled my wishes for amount of drives it could handle, but I would need a mother board with a PCI Express connector.
 So I went to VIA.com to see if they had a board with a PCI Express slot and I selected the:

VIA EPIA SN18000G Mini-ITX Board
1.8GHz VIA C7 Processor
2 x 2Gb DDR2 RAM
1 x 100Mbps Ethernet
1 x 1000Mbps Ethernet
1 x IDE 133/100/66 connector
4 x SATA (3 Gbps) connectors
1 x 16-Lane PCI-E slot (RocketRAID 2340 installed)

This will give me room for:
2 IDE hard drives (VIA onboard)
4 SATA hard drives (VIA onboard)
16 SATA hard drives (RocketRAID 2340)

a total of 22 hard drives
Even though the VIA motherboard consumes very little power, spinning up 22 drives will take a lot of power and I did kill a cheap noname 400 Watt PSU when testing with 10 drives. So I went searching for a PSU and found the Corsair Model CMPSU-750TX
 Its a 750 Watt PSU that supports:
24 Amps on the 5 Volt rail and
60 Amps on the 12 Volt rail

It also has:
8 SATA power connectors
8 IDE  power connectors

So I will "only" need some IDE power splitters and 12 IDE to SATA converters
Time for some testing!

I installed
Windows Server R2 Standard SP2
with 4 Gb RAM

it has been running stable for over a month now!
This is the state of the project at the moment!

January 26th 2009

I plan to build a 19" enclosure when I have time an figure out the design!