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WebServer Version 2 AKA Domain Controller
The old WebServer only had room for 4-5 HDs so when I got hold of a cheap MiniITX board I decided to make a new WebServer with more room for harddrives and most of all a DVDr to backup data.

The new "WebServer" is not supposed to be a webserver as I dont need that option anymore (got a good deal on a "piece" of one in a datacenter) its going to be a Domain Controller so I can make my own local domain and play around and hopefully learn something in the process.

Two InkJet printers

RAID 1 for important data
Web Sites
Various Backup


DVD Burner:

FTP Server:


EPIA MiniITX MII 1GHz with
Compact Flash Card Reader

The backplate is ready to have the PSU mounted onto it.

The PSU vent hole will take air from the front fan out the back cooling the harddrives on the way


Theres enough room above the MiniITX board for the DVDr drive but the hard part will be to mount it there.

I decided to keep the LCD so I had to move it down and move the switches and lights out to the side.

Final design ready to be cut out


After marking up on the protective tape I etched the lines into the underlying aluminum with a scalpel.

It should say DVDRW :) and theres two old holes that should not be there

Drilling out the drivebay

I wish I had access to a milling machine.

Two hours of drilling and shaping.

Time to make the 80mm fan holes

Again I wish I had access to a machine shop with a drill press and a 76mm cup drill.

30 minutes of drilling and shaping for each hole.

Time to slap on the paint ;)

My servers have not been made to be silent but four 80mm fans at 12V can get a little loud so I added a switch to this server to switch the voltage going to the three fans between 12V and 7V 

12V and 7V selection switch

DVDr mounted with tape :D

I made four brackets to mount the DVDr they worked out well.


As you might be able to see in this picture, I forgot to take into consideration that the PCI port, where the Promise RAID Controller would be placed, is now right under the DVDr... What to do?

Remove DVDr?
No! Thats why Im building V2!

Moving DVDr?
I would have to remake the front and the DVDr wouldnt be centered anymore!

Move the MoBo to the left?
PSU is in the way!
WebServer Version 2.1

I came up with a solution that wont require to much rebuilding.
By mirroring the whole server (reversing the back and bottom plate) the MoBo will not be centered like before but moved more to the left.

After some drilling of new holes I had the MoBo mounted again and theres now room for the PCI controller.
It does only leave room for three HDs on the left but since I now have a DVD drive it works ot fine.

I worked out the IDE cabeling to have seven HDs (two running RAID 1) and the DVDr

The finished power rails with some hotmelt added to make them more stable.

Test with all drives online.

Next step is to move the:
RAID controller and Hard drives from the old WebServer.

Almost done!
Just needs the LCD