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19" Server Rack
Building the rack
After drawing up some crude blueprints for my 19" rack I went to the music supply store and bought the various parts/fittings to start my "little" DIY project.
I bought the 20 mm chip board precut so I just had to paint it black.

Two pieces measuring 525 mm x 525 mm for the top and bottom.

Two pieces measuring 525 mm x 650 mm for the sides.
The process of making the rack was pretty easy. I predrilled the holes for the screws to avoid the wood from splitting.
After cutting the aluminum frames and rails it was time to mount them.
I had some problems with the angles on them but that was covered by the bubble corners anyway.

The bubble corners also holds the aluminum frame in place.
I was not able to get a hold of a milling machine to make "holes" for the handles before I put the rack into use so they were never installed.

A nice thing about the "music rack" is that it slides nicely around on the bubble corners so I don't need to buy and mount wheels under it.

Inside dimensions:
Width: 485 mm
Hight: 650 mm

The width should be 482,6 mm (19 inches)
IMG_3794.JPG (684514 bytes) Here the rails have been mounted on each side the rails are each 0,625 inches or 15,875 mm wide leaving a gap of 17,75 inches or 450,85 mm for the servers.

The horizontal holes in the server front plate for mounting the server should be 18.3 inches or 464,82 mm centre-to-centre apart.

The vertical square holes in the rails repeats themselves in sets of three with a centre-to-centre separation of 0,5 inch or 12,7 mm then 0,625 inch or 15,875 mm and 0,625 inch or 15,875 mm.

Cage nuts consisting of a spring steel cage and a "threaded bolt" are clipped into the square holes on the rails.