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I have a closet between my "computer room" an my living room and it has always looked perfect to install a rack into but after I put up a table in front of it its hard to access it. So building the rack into the closet and making it accessable would mean knocking out the wall facing the living room so after checking with a friend we started the build.

The goal of the project is to get a central point in the house for the printers and servers (including DVDr) but having the option to close it off in the living room.

19" Wall Server Rack
Heres the top view of the closet and surrounding rooms.
The wood beam was discovered when the brick was knocked down and needs to be replaced with a smaller one to make room for the rack.
The wall viewed from the living room.
The closet viewed from the hobby room.

The closet is hard to get to because of the table.
Starting to make the hole (the fun part of the project)
Everything was going acording to plan until we found this support beam. It needs to be replaced with a smaller one to make room for the rack.
The hole is about 485 mm wide and 1800 mm tall.

It needs to widend a minimum of about 20-30 mm.
The hole has now been widend and support for the ceiling "I beam" has been added.

Next step will be to build the 40-42U rack case and build it into the hole.
The new rack will b e build in 16mm MDF and here Im starting to assemble some of it before placing it in the wall.


The rack frame has been installed (notice the crowbar holding it off the floor)
The base of the rack have been installed and the drywall has been put up.
The door and hinges have been installed
The 2 meter rack rails needed to be cut down a bit. I made the cut so the bottom "server" would rest on the "floor".
Mounting the servers into the new rack.
One last look at my firewall gnome :D before the firewall goes to the top of the rack.
From the back you can see the switch at the top and all the cable clutter.
Top to bottom:
Floppy Firewall

Cable modem
temporary wood shelf

Canon Pixma iP6000 Printer
FileServer 3
FileServer 2
FileServer 1
PowerWare PRC1000i-RM UPS
Picture with 5 second exposure
I still need to ad some "shelves" for the printer and other non rack equipment
Im still working on this so check back later to see more!